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Questions to Ask When Hiring an Arborist

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You’ve got to ensure you are hiring the ideal experts to do the job whenever you hire repair technicians or contractors. Of course, this principle can also be applied to hiring a professional tree service company.  

Maintaining a tree is not an easy task. This is particularly true if the tree is near electricity poles and power lines are involved. If you’re hiring an arborist for a tree trimming service port St Lucie, here are several questions you need to ask: 

Do They Utilize Spikes When Climbing Trees? 

Not every company is created the same. You should know if the arborist you’re going to hire will utilize tree spikes to climb. You probably have to look for another company if they do. For those who don’t know, spikes can damage healthy trees. This enables for insects, bacteria, and fungus that can damage your tree. You should also be cautious if the company recommends topping trees since professionals don’t consider this to be an ideal method.  

Will They Utilize Heavy Machinery to Access Treetops? 

A couple of companies will utilize big trucks to access the top part of the tree and do the required job. Of course, if they aren’t careful, this can cause all types of damage to your property. Before the work begins, you should know if the company uses heavy trucks or if they utilize a low impact method to climb your tree.  

Will They Offer a Free Written Quote? 

Professional tree trimming companies won’t hesitate to come to your location to examine the tree that requires the service. They should also offer you with a quote that includes the scope and the timeline of the job, aside from the overall cost of the task.  

Will They Offer a Couple of References? 

A professional tree service company should have a lot of references from happy customers. You need to do some research. You have to look for testimonials and reviews online. Also, if the company provides you references, you need to do your part and make a couple of phone calls.  

Are They Insured Properly? 

It’s crucial that you verify that any tree service company you’re going to hire is insured properly for liability due to injury, damage, or accidents. The reason for this is that there is a huge risk associated with working near utility power lines, climbing trees to cut limbs, and removing a tree. Also, the company needs to take care of their employee and make sure they meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements for worker safety. 

What Are Their Qualifications? 

Not every company has a similar level of certification and skills. Of course, it’s certainly within your right as a client to ask for proof that they are experienced. You need to be cautious if the company is reluctant to directly answer questions or offer proof.  

You should also think about the company’s printed materials and site content if you’re searching for a reliable tree service. You need to hire a company that offers high-quality service at a reasonable rate.  

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