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Types of Pool Fencing

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Safety around the swimming pool should be of great importance. Accidents can happen around the pool area and so much caution or prevention should be exercised especially if kids are around. One way to ensure safety around the pool is through pool fencing. Fences can prevent small children and pets from getting into the pool unsupervised.

There are different types of pool fencing available that are not only functional but are also attractive. If you had limited choices when it came to choosing your pool type due to some factors, you can always choose the type of fencing you can put around it. Choose one that will not only guarantee safety but also one that will complement your swimming pool. Here are some types of fencing you can use as a reference.

1. Aluminum Pool Fence

Aluminum is a common material used in pool fencing. Aluminum fence is easy to install and is flexible, being able to fit any demand. It is also durable and doesn’t rust that much. It is quite cheap and simple in design.

2. Glass Pool Fence

Glass pool fence offers a translucent view to your pool. Glass always looks elegant and it offers safety and protection too. It is durable and easy to clean and maintain. They can resist high heat or cold temperatures. A glass pool fence is also easy to install and can fit in tiny spaces.

3. Steel Pool Fence

Steel has always been known for its durability, strength, and lasting power. Steel is a practical choice if you have a long or big pool. Since the first goal of a pool fence is safety, you can never go wrong with steel. A steel pool fence is also rust-free and comes in different varieties that you can choose from. It can also be painted on so it will look more appealing. You can change the color anytime you please.

4. Mesh Pool Fence

Mesh pool fences are made from woven steel. They can be compared to glass pool fences as you will be able to see through the fence as well but not as much as a glass fence though. But unlike glass, you don’t have to worry if strong winds will unexpectedly blast in your pool area as the mesh will provide easy wind flow. Children and pets will have a hard time climbing up if they do since the weaves are spaced tightly.

5. Wood Pool Fence

This type of fence provides a more natural and traditional look to your area. If maintained well, wood pool fencing will last a seemingly long time. Treatment should be done once or twice every year. Wood fences also come in different types, shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors.

Having a fence around the pool is important. But maintaining it well is equally important too. Contact Glass Pool Fencing Perth or any professional near you if you are planning to have your pool area be the safest it can be, or if you need help with maintaining your existing one.

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